Friday, June 3, 2011

'Limitless' Dreams

What if you got a pill that allowed you to tap into 100% of your brain?
That is the premise of one of the latest Hollywood hits.
What makes this movie interesting is the window of opportunity it opens to the viewers.
A window whose span is limitless. A window where everything seems to be so clear.A window where nothing seems to be impossible.
Who would not like to be in Edward Norra’s shoes? Not me.
Why not?
With so much focus in life, I would not be able to day-dream. I would not be able to make those weird connections between the dots in life, where 2+2= 5 and not the usual 4.
Nevertheless, a very good movie , in terms of its idea.
But not a good one for day-dreamers , as it is so gripping and engrossing that you are left with no time for dreaming.
At the same time, it is good fodder for future dreams.
Another day in the life of a dreamer!
Keep dreaming!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Karaoke Dreams!!!

Liberation is the true reason behind the pleasure enjoyed by most people, indulging in this pastime. The practitioner of this art seems to relive his/her dreams of becoming a singer. All those hours spent in the bathroom, straining those vocal chords, in spite of opposition from house mates and neighbours, finally seem to bear fruit. With the mic in your hand, you are no more yourself. You don so many avataars , from the king of soul to the head-banger.
However, the side-effects of this pastime also need some mention here. This pastime is completely safe for the practitioner, but could have harmful consequences to the listener. These usually range from extreme irritation to hyper depression. In extreme circumstances, this may also lead to damage of property or serious injuries.
Some extremely talented practitioners can also put you to deep sleep. So like most things in the world , this art is neither black nor white.Still, it is worth day-dreaming about.
Another day in the life of a day-dreamer.
Keep dreaming.........................................................................

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Dummies Guide to Day-Dreaming

          Like every great endeavour, it would be unfair if the secrets of this art are not revealed to the audience.This will help the audience to gauge the amount of effort spent in coming up with this masterpiece.
So before you start relishing the dessert of day-dreaming, it would be good to know the recipe behind this great dish.
          The greatest secret behind this art would seem to be plain simple to the common man.This is the case wth all arts.And what is this secret:- The secret of Thin Air
          Yes, the baby step for all day-dreamers is this :- stare at thin air.Yes just stare at thin air, stare as though you are looking at Sharon Stone (men) or Brad Pitt(women) or ......(.....)
          Once you master this simple trick,you would grow to be a genius in this art.This demands a lot of dedication and concentration.Take my word for it.Geniuses in this art have been known to be staring at thin air for hours.These great souls do not care about the time spent.
          What matters to them is the sheer joy of those thoughts.So if you aspire to achieve something in this art, start devoting 30 minutes daily to the secret of Thin Air.If you do this for a month, be sure you are on the right track to become a great day-dreamer.You may then share your thoughts in this blog.
          So , with this peek into the recipe of day-dreaming, be ready for the dessert..uff dream of your life.
Stop thinking and start dreaming (remember the secret of Thin Air)

Monday, April 11, 2011

First Dream......Name Sense

In the memory of all those day-dreamers who forgot to sleep.............................
(WARNING:- Excessive day-dreaming can lead to sleep deprivation and related problems.)


Anything you do in life should be done with Zen (the intention of being perfect).Be it blabbering nonsense or irritating someone with your antics or plain day-dreaming.............


Even the mundane,ugly things in life can be construed to be artistic.Beauty and Art lies in the eyes of the beholder.So like all good and bad things in life,the art of day-dreaming, though despised by many in public, is worshipped by the same many in private.


Do I need to explain this?

Zen and the Art of Day-dreaming

This is a direct-ripoff from the title of one of my favourite books.Favourite,because it allowed me to indulge in my favourite pastime(D-d)and, at the same time gave others the impression of me being a patient reader.

This is the outcome of countless hours of day-dreaming.You may find most of the thoughts to be non-sensical.
But if you are a true fan of this hallowed art, in the end, it will all make sense.